Rental Information

Thank you for choosing Majestic Park as your venue for your upcoming event.

Please review the following:

  • Facility Rental Agreement and Invoice for deposit.
  • Rental Price will be $150 per field per day for fields 1-4 & $200 for field 5.
  • The dates on the contract will be tentative for ten (10) days from the agreement date.
  • If the signed contract and deposit is not received within the ten (10) days, your dates will be made available to the next requesting applicant.

Reminder that any of the following can result in forfeiture or denial of any current/future tournament dates:

  • Any slandering against Majestic Park or personnel on any social media outlets, websites, etc. is prohibited.
  • Organizations that have a history of cancellations of a minimum of four tournament dates per year.
  • Tournaments must adhere to the appropriate field dimensions set by Majestic Park. Please refer to the facility rental application for base lengths for each field.
  • If any damage is found by parks staff toward the complex and/or its equipment can result in forfeiture of future dates and/or denied requests.